Anton Cody's Model Circus.

Anton Cody's Model Circus.

Anton Cody's Model Circus.

Anton Cody's Model Circus.

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The model, one of the largest in Britain, was first created in 1956 when it's owner was just 10 years old, with a tablecloth for the Big Top plus a few Dinky toy lorries.

The show now depicts a very large touring Circus of the late 1960's/early 70's, with the older type heavy canvas Big Top, (before the introduction of the continental plastic tents of today). Many of the vehicles are ex-WD tractors: GMC, Mack, Scammell, Diamond T etc. and 1950's/60's Foden, ERF, Leyland, plus later Volvo and Mercedes. Many of the vehicles have been acquired abroad whilst working around the world, and rebuilt or adapted for use on the Circus, others being built from scratch.

In earlier days, the animals were the backbone of the Circus with the larger shows boasting 15 or more Elephants, 50+ Horses and all types of Lions, Tigers, Bears, Leopards, Camels, Giraffe, Llamas, Zebras and exotic species.

Sadly, if animal rights organisations have their way regarding Circuses and Zoos, the only way children will see beautiful exotic animals will be on TV and video.

On the left side of the Big Top are the many Artistes and Staff caravans or 'living trailers', plus converted buses and coaches which were also a common sight on Circuses and Fairgrounds as living quarters. Also displayed are the giant haulage tractors which often towed up to 3 trailers! plus 8 wheeler Foden and Leyland lorries for seating, poles, props and other equipment. Not forgetting the mobile toilets and the show's own Fire Service!

On the right of the Big Top is the Zoo area, including the huge Elephant transporters with Kenworth and Mercedes tractor units. (An adult elephant weighs around 4 tons!). Also travelling quarters for the Lions, Tigers, Bears, Leopards etc. Horseboxes, transport for Zebras, Llamas and converted double-decker bus for our Giraffe! Also on display is the Bandstand from the Big Top, practice ring, exercise enclosures, stable tent and Artistes wardrobe department etc.

The Show front features the Main Entrance and Booking Office which folds up into it's own articulated truck. Also the fleet of advance publicity vans which travel ahead of the show advertising the arrival of the circus with posters etc. over the surrounding areas.

The entire circus builds up and pulls down exactly as the real thing and loads completely on the show's transport, ready for the road. The entire model has over 150 vehicles and is still growing!!


The Blackpool Tower Model Circus.

The Blackpool Tower Model Circus.

The Blackpool Tower Model Circus.

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The Blackpool Tower Circus first opened on the 14th. of May 1894 as part of the magnificent Blackpool Tower Complex. The Fabulous Circus Building, designed by Mr. Frank Matcham, stands between the four huge legs of the Blackpool Tower, rising 518ft. (158m) above it. The Circus still thrives, well over a century after it opened, with a 7 month Summer Circus Season each year, plus a Pantomime & other winter events.

The Blackpool Tower Circus is one of only two surviving, purpose-built, permanent Circus buildings in Great Britain. (The other being the Great Yarmouth Hippodrome). In the early part of the 20th Century, there were around 30, in major cities & seaside resorts around the country. The most famous, being "Hengler's Royal Circus" now better known as The London Palladium!!

Although Circus as we know it, originated in London in 1768, it has spread throughout the world, where it is universally popular as one of the most respected art forms, particularly in Russia, Asia, China & the Far East.

Britain now has 2 permanent Circuses & around 25 Touring Circuses. Plus visiting tours of the Moscow & Chinese State Circuses, also German, French & American Circuses. As well as the more avante garde productions such as 'Eclipse' & the amazing 'Cirque du Soleil'.

This is the ONLY model of the world famous Circus, constructed to l/50th. scale in 1991. It depicts the Circus in the 1960's & is exact in every possible detail. The audience consists of over 1,400 people, all hand painted. Still to be completed is the ornate gold leaf plasterwork, Bandstand, Sinking Ring, Dancing Fountains & Lighting. PLUS the completion of the Blackpool Tower (over 10ft. high.)

Both Models are built & presented by Jon Anton, who has been a professional Circus & Variety Artiste for over 40 years, & would welcome any questions or queries you may have on the models or Circuses in general.

We acknowledge the Invaluable help & assistance of: The management of Tower World & Leisure Parcs, Blackpool Mr John Thain & Mr Eric Redfern of The Blackpool Tower Company The staff of the Blackpool Museum & Library Archives. Mr & Mrs J Briaris, Mr & Mrs G Prunty, Mr & Mrs D Fishpool
The Management & Museum Direction of the
Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway
in the presentation of these models.

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